Audition for BURN

Auditions will be held Sunday, OCTOBER 14 from 3pm to 6pm & Monday, OCTOBER 15 from 7pm to 9:30pm (no appointment necessary)

This modern mystery/thriller will be on stage from January 24 to February 9, 2019, and is directed by Kelly Doney Morrison and stage managed by Nikki Beaulieu-Belliveau.

Synopsis: Old friends Robert, Samira and David are the only three left of the original gang. Robert’s wife, famed mystery novelist Tara Waters, disappeared five years ago, though Robert insists she’s still alive. Paul Morris, also a writer, died the year before, shortly after reuniting with his estranged daughter Eve. Eve has asked to meet the three friends for the first time, stating that she has something important to deliver. Over the evening’s meeting, Eve becomes awkward, eerie, strange and sinister. As the evening unravels, the chaos erupts with hidden secrets revealed. This contemporary drama from Canadian playwright John Muggleton is sure to have audiences in for a spine-tingling evening of chills…

We are looking for a cast of four characters

  • ROBERT: Male, 40s/early 50s, a literary editor/author (well off, easy going)
    SAMIRA: Female, 40s/early 50s, a lawyer, long time friend of Robert’s (likable, quick-witted)
    DAVID: Male, 40s/50s, literary agent, good friend of Robert’s (sarcastic, slightly arrogant)
    EVE: Female, 20s/early 30s, daughter of the late famed horror writer Paul Morris who was a long time friend of Robert’s (assertive, self-assured)

Scenes from the script will be available for cold readings but the director will welcome prepared monologues as well.

For more information please contact the director, Kelly Doney Morrison: