Auditions: Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing

By William Shakespeare

Directed By Joanne Arbuthnott

Open Auditions for Dartmouth Players’ production of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING will be held November 3rd & 4th from 6-9pm.

Presented at the Sawmill Playhouse this February 6th to 22nd, 2020

Excerpts from the script will be provided for a cold read audition, and you can bring a prepared Shakespearean monologue if desired, but a monologue is not required.

CHARACTERS AVAILABLE: (ages and genders are flexible)

Beatrice – Pleasant with a very sharp tongue yet generous and loving, she is also quite content never to marry. (Leonato’s niece and Hero’s cousin.)

Benedick – An aristocratic soldier and friend of Don Pedro and Claudio. Very witty, always making jokes or puns and he swears he will never fall in love or marry.

Claudio – A decorated soldier who falls in love with Hero upon his return to Messina. His suspicious nature makes him quick to believe evil rumors and hasty to take revenge.

Don Pedro – Very politically powerful, he’s an important nobleman from Aragon, sometimes referred to as “Prince”. Longtime friend of Leonato, Don Pedro is generous, courteous, intelligent.

Hero – The daughter of Leonato and the cousin of Beatrice. Hero is lovely, gentle, and kind.

Leonato – Hero’s father and a respected, well-to-do, elderly noble who, as governor of Messina, is second in social power only to Don Pedro.

Don John – The villain, and the illegitimate brother of Don Pedro; sometimes called “the Bastard.” Don John is melancholy by nature.

Margaret – Hero’s servant, and lover to the mistrustful and easily bribed Borachio.

Borachio – Don John’s associate, whose name means “drunkard” in Italian.

Conrad – One of Don John’s more intimate associates, and potentially his male lover.

Dogberry – The chief policeman of Messina, he’s sincere and takes his job seriously.

Verges – The deputy to Dogberry.

Antonio – Beatrice’s father, Leonato’s older brother and Hero’s uncle.

Balthasar – A waiting man in Leonato’s household and a musician. (*Musical ability is considered an asset when auditioning for Balthasar)

Ursula – One of Hero’s waiting women.

On both November 3rd and 4th, Open Auditions will be held between 6pm and 9pm and everyone will be seen on a first come, first served basis.

You can email the director, Joanne, with any questions, of if you’d like to arrange an audition outside of the posted time slots.