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“GLORIOUS! The True Story of Florence Foster Jenkins, the Worst Singer in the World” by Peter Quilter

Late in October of 1944, New York’s Carnegie Hall staged a concert by a well-known coloratura soprano.  Scalpers were selling tickets for the then-unbelievable price of $20, and over 2000 music lovers had to be turned away.  This would have been extraordinary enough in any case, but this time the soprano was Florence Foster Jenkins, arguably the worst singer ever to appear on a concert stage.  Known as the “First Lady of the Sliding Scale,” Madame Jenkins reduced some listeners to tears, and others to raucous laughter, as she’d been doing for much of the previous three decades.  But she loved what she did, and her enthusiasm was contagious.  We guarantee that you, too, will laugh or cry—or perhaps both—when you see this heartwarming tale of a woman who did sing—and with a vengeance—whether or not she could sing.

Tickets $17 and $14 at ticketpro.ca, or call 1-888-311-9090.

For more info, visit www.dartmouthplayers.ns.ca.

Dartmouth Players is located at 33 Crichton Ave., across from Sullivan’s Pond.

Glorious! About the Play and Playwright

By Jon Peirce

About the Play

Glorious!, Peter Quilter’s comedy about Florence Foster Jenkins, often referred to as the worst singer in the world, debuted in the U.K. in 2005, opening at Birmingham Rep Theatre.  In November of that year, it moved to the Duchess Theatre in London’s West End, running there for six months and over 200 performances.  Glorious! was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award as Best New Comedy.  It made its North American debut at Theatre Calgary and has since been seen by audiences in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, as well as in such foreign centres as Caracas, Vienna, Belgrade, and Moscow.  In 2008, a three-actor version of the play premiered in Philadelphia and later played to great success in Rio de Janeiro and Madrid.

About the Playwright

Peter Quilter is the prolific author of more than two dozen plays, mostly musicals and comedies and many about the music industry itself.  Born in Colchester, England, Quilter received an honours degree from Leeds University before moving to London, where he began his writing career as a TV presenter for BBC.  After 14 years in London, he emigrated to the Canary Islands, where he still lives.  Quilter’s works have been translated into 27 languages and performed in more than 40 countries.
Source: Wikipedia  entry on Peter Quilter.

Jon Peirce is a former journalist with many published book and play reviews to his credit.  He’s also an actor, playwright, DP Board Member and Publicity committee chair.

Director’s Notes – Glorious!

Glorious! is the first mainstage play I have directed for Dartmouth Players, and I couldn’t be happier with the play! Taken from the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, known as the “First Lady of the Sliding Scale” this is a story of true determination, devotion and inspiration. Florence continues to be an inspiration even today. After reading more about her, I am determined to show her unconquerable spirit, as well as the love of her close friends. I am confident that you with find the show, well, simply Glorious!

Mike Durling

Cast Photos – Glorious!

L-R; Cathy Cameron, Dale Charron, Michele Gaudet, Rosemary Gilbert, Kevin Jollimore, Kristina Alexander, Mike Durling – Director

Charity Night

Dartmouth Players thank you for your support and in return for that support , we support the community . The Dartmouth Grannies will be selling $15.00 tickets to the dress rehearsal of Glorious on Monday November 6, 2017. All profits from the sale of tickets and refreshments will go directly to their coffers. The Dartmouth Grannies support the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the grandmothers in Africa.

Tickets are available at ticketpro.ca, or call 1-888-311-9090.

Audition Notice – Stop Kiss

Friday October 20 and Saturday October 21 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

The story is deceptively simple: two young women in New York meet, talk about their boyfriends, feel a growing, unspoken attraction for each other, and finally kiss. And that one innocent kiss sets off a savage set of events But even as Stop Kiss confronts the reality of physical violence, the imaginative, moving, and surprising comedy brings audiences — and her principal characters — to unexpected places. Callie is holding down a job as a radio traffic reporter when she meets Sara, a midwesterner who, against her parents’ wishes, has moved to the city to teach third-grade students in the Bronx. Both have boyfriends, but as they get to know each other, their shared experiences and sense of humor create a strong bond. The tragic consequences of their kiss — the center of this powerful drama — serve as both an indictment of hatred and a moving study of the perils inherent in living life fully.


Callie: Callie works as a traffic reporter in New York City, where she has lived for eleven years. Callie helps Sara learn her way around the city, and, in the process, develops strong feelings for her.

Sara: Sara, who recently moved to NYC from St. Louis to accept a teaching fellowship at an elementary school in The Bronx, looks to Callie to learn how to fit in while in the Big Apple.

George: George is Callie’s “friend with benefits.” He works as a bartender in the city, and is jealous of Sara’s relationship with Callie.

Peter: Peter is Sara’s ex-boyfriend from St. Louis. Once he heard Sara was in the hospital, he came down to New York to see her. Peter is still in love with Sara.

Mrs. Winsley/The Nurse: Mrs. Winsley is a witness to the attack against Sara and Callie. She is interrogated by Detective Cole. The actress who plays this role usually also plays the part of Sara’s nurse.

Detective Cole: Detective Cole is the detective assigned to Callie and Sara’s case. He is the first to hear the story of what happened to Callie and Sara the night they were attacked.

Yard Sale 

Over the past few months a small band of volunteers  have undertaken the overwhelming task of purging costumes, props and just general “stuff” from between the four walls, basement floor, and roof. The purged items fell into three categories:

  1. Trash (hence the dumpster outside the doors).
  2. Donations (5 large boxes of “everyday” type clothing was donated to the Canadian Diabetes Association) several carloads went to the ReStore and some friends adopted a pile of hardwood we had accumulated.
  3. Items for sale. A plethora of wedding dresses, costumes, hats,  and shoes plus several very large boxes of fabric were put up for sale on Oct. 1st. As a result, close to $700 was raised plus another $100 from the sale of several old and worn furs, and a further $30 from the concession stand.

The sale leftovers were donated to Goodies so as to provide donations to yet another charitable organization. Thanks to this undertaking the theatre is much tidier and lighter and ready to proceed with its upcoming performances.

Open Stage Nights

Open Stage nights are a Dartmouth Players success story.  Not only do these nights afford people the opportunity to get on stage and display their talent, but they provide a wonderful evening of entertainment!What will you see? Well, so far we’ve had singers, musicians, skits, stories, monologues, play excerpts, comedians, puppeteers, and even burlesque. This is a huge chance for entertainers to try out original material and many do.

Open Stage Nights are for “adults only” since we do not know the content of the acts performed.

Pay as you can.

Door prizes each night.

Low key and lots of fun for both entertainers and audience.

If you are interested in performing or have any questions, please contact us at be openstagenight@outlook.com with “Open Stage” as your subject line. Our stage piano is now in operation .

Upcoming open stage nights will be on the dates listed below.

Friday October 27-  Prize for best spooky story and costumes. Costumes encouraged.
Friday December 1
Friday  January 19
Friday February 23



The Perfect gift for family members , friends and co-workers Dartmouth Players 2017-2018 subscriptions on sale now!

The benefits of being a subscriber:

You save money (at least $2 per show)
You get advance performance selection
You get advance special needs seating reservations (if required)
You get five newsletters per season plus special bulletins on what’s going on at the theatre
You get free ticket exchanges, available from your point of purchase

Purchase your subscription here:  Available until November 23rd

Dartmouth Players Apology

The Board regrets having had to cancel the 5×5 Season Opener scheduled for mid-September.  In retrospect, it may not have been realistic to attempt to put on five plays by five different writers given the short time frame available for rehearsals and the fact that rehearsals were taking place over the summer, when many key people were on vacation or otherwise unavailable.

We would like to thank the writers for their submissions, and the actors for all the time and effort they devoted to the project.  In particular, we would like to thank  Leanna Todd and Shannon Kelly for their efforts at getting the show ready under adverse conditions, Mary Lou Peterson for taking on the job of stage manager on very short notice, and Jane Rogerson for launching the project in the first place, and for her herculean efforts as producer.

We would like to apologize to you, our loyal supporters who were looking forward to the production of 5×5 . Please stay with us to enjoy our full mainstage season.

Dartmouth Players Board 2017/2018

The following directors were chosen at Dartmouth Players’ AGM on Sept. 13, 2017.

Mike Durling – President
Ray LesFresne – Vice President
Ian MacDermid – Treasurer
Holly Irving – Secretary
Eric Jordan – Past President
Rosemary Gilbert – Workshops
Jon Peirce –  Publicity
Christine Walker – Charity Night. Play Reading
Jane Rogerson- Program Advertising. Play Reading
Pam Wood- Costumes
Richard Bonner- Technical Director
Sherri Bezanson – Play Reading
Kevin Jollimore
Stu Ducklow

Scent Free for You and Me!

Many of our patrons, cast and crew members have sensitivities to fragrances and scented products.  Please respect these needs as we aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all in our small theatre.

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