Our 2018-2019 season


by John Muggleton
January 24-February 9, 2019

Old friends Robert, Samira and David are the only three left of the original gang. Robert’s wife, famed mystery novelist Tara Waters, disappeared five years ago, though Robert insists she’s still alive. Paul, also a writer, died the year before, shortly after reuniting with his estranged daughter Eve. Eve has asked to meet the three friends for the first time, stating that she has something important to deliver. Over the evening’s meeting, Eve becomes awkward, eerie, strange and sinister. As the evening unravels, the chaos erupts with hidden secrets revealed. Join us for a spine-tingling evening of chills…

Viola: The Original Musical

Written and Directed by Tara Taylor
Music composed by Charity Stairs and Ross Unger
Feb 22-24

Starring Minis Stairs as Viola Desmond, Dr. Linda Carvery as Darla, Debra Deleon as Viola’s mom, Natasha Thomas as Wanda Robson
Sisters, Rayna and Amiah embark on a journey to discover who Viola Desmond was through the eyes of her heart and soul. They uncover Viola’s path from successful business women to the mother of the Canadian civil rights movement. By refusing to give up her seat in the Roseland Theatre in New Glasgow, NS, Desmond took her place in history as an international symbol of inspiration that has fueled generations to fight for their rights.

The Fighting Days

by Wendy Lill
March 28-April 13, 2019
The women’s suffrage movement of the early 1900s was a testament to the sacrifice of women to get the right to vote. A newspaper editor Francis Marion Beynon becomes friends with famed suffragette Nellie McClung. While the two women fight together to get women the vote (which they accomplished in Manitoba in 1916), the First World War splits them on the issues of conscription – and whether immigrant women should be allowed to vote as well as British and Canadian-born “Empire women”. Their friendship and political beliefs are tested. Nellie supports the war, conscription and giving only Dominion women the right to vote whereas Francis believes in peace and that all women should vote.

Jazz and Show Band: The Notables

Directed by Stephanie McKeown
Jazz, Funk & Popular tunes
April 16 & April 17

The Show Band, under the direction of Stephanie McKeown, was established in January 2017, with a focus on performance activities, including the accompaniment of vocalists; its repertoire features music in the Jazz, Jazz-funk, Standard and Popular genres. The 18 piece Band is configured in traditional “Big Band” format of Brass, Saxophones and Rhythm sections. Since its inception, The Notables have performed successful concerts with the Enchor East and in the Summer Sounds on Barrington series as well as participating in Second Chances Community Band concerts. The Show Band presents music with broad appeal, has a ton of fun playing and leaves their audiences smiling.

Single Black Female

Written by Lisa Thompson
Adapted and Directed by Tara Taylor
April 26 – April 27

“A socially significant and very entertaining two-woman show that manages to be simultaneously self-deprecating and proud.” – The New York Times

Single Black Female is a two-woman show with rapid-fire comic vignettes exploring the lives of thirty-something African Nova Scotian middle-class women in urban Halifax as they search for love, clothes, and dignity in a world that fails to recognize them amongst a parade of stereotypical images. SBF 1, an English literature professor, and SBF 2, a corporate lawyer, keep each other balanced as they face their fears of rejection, hopes for romance, and reminisce about black girlhood wounds. While embodying a variety of characters, the girlfriends discuss the absurdities of interracial dating, the lure of recreational shopping, and the merits of college reunions for bolstering one’s self-esteem. After reviewing their escapades in past relationships and confessing their own mounting anxieties about commitment and the possibility of motherhood, the pair realize their best chance at love may be found closer than they ever imagined.

Lucky Stiff

Music by Stephen Flaherty,
Book and Lyrics by Lynn Aherns
Musical comedy
June 6-22, 2019

A mad-cap murder-mystery musical comedy that involves a mild-mannered show clerk, Harry Witherspoon, who has the chance to inherit a fortune if he goes on a holiday with his uncle to Monte Carlo. Trouble is – his uncle, a croupier at the Monte Carlo casino, is “dead”. Full of eccentric colourful characters, this hilarious farce will keep you in stitches. Will Harry survive and inherit his uncle’s fortune, and who murdered his uncle anyway? Come along for this wacky ride and find out if Harry is stiff out of luck?