The Sawmill Playhouse

Sawmill River in Dartmouth

Dartmouth Players has been losing money for several years, despite our best efforts and your support. Publicity has been stifled, due to increasing mailing costs and the HRM restriction on sidewalk signs. We needed to change the way we do business.

One of our biggest costs is rent for the building. We have been relying on the four mainstage Dartmouth Players production revenues to cover this cost, but with the theatre being ioften unused between productions, we saw an opportunity to rent the space to other theatrical companies.

To avoid confusion about who is presenting a show, we have changed the name of the venue from Dartmouth Players Theatre to Sawmill Playhouse.

The Dartmouth Players Troupe will remain the same. We will still do our four mainstage plays and still send out our 5 newsletters, and still produce a program for each of those productions. Sawmill Playhouse will be home to productions by Dartmouth Players, and other companies. The Tickets for Dartmouth Players mainstage productions will still be through Ticket Pro.

The Sawmill Playhouse will be staging productions by other production companies both musical and theatrical.. Though most of the tickets will be through Ticket Pro..some may be though other ticketing companies. or often Pay What You Can.

This will allow Dartmouth Players to offer you many more and more varied entertainments , throughout the year, and ensure a continued home for Dartmouth Players Troupe.

Dartmouth Players have an entertaining line up of main stage plays offered to you this season as seen on our website.
Outside productions will be promoted through email and our website and depending on timing perhaps also our newsletter.

Dartmouth Players look forward to welcoming you to Sawmill Playhouse and the many new changes and productions that are about to happen.