Mite Classes

Dartmouth Players and The Crichton Centre are pleased and honoured to have MITE (Meaningful, Intelligent Theatrical Entertainment) offering youth and adult classes this fall. Director of MITE, Janice Cruddas, has taught theatre to youth since 2004; her goals since that time have been to provide meaningful, joyful and financially accessible experiences for her participants.

Janice is well known for her touring human rights education show, project ARC (Action, Responsibility, Choice), which has been performed close to 170 times in over 100 schools in Nova Scotia, raising tens of thousands of dollars for various charitable organizations.

Through project ARC, Janice and her youth casts have acquired the following awards:
2016 Lieutenant Governor’s Respectful Citizenship Award Recipient
2015 Nova Scotia Human Rights Award Recipient
2015 Dartmouth Community Health Board Community Leadership Award Recipient
2014 HRM Volunteer Award Recipient

The following is info about both youth AND adult classes for this fall. Registration is on now. To register, email Janice at For more information on these and other classes (MITE also offers daytime classes for home-educating students) check the MITE site:

Class #1 MITE At Night
Introducing the fun and empowerment of MITE – now available in the evenings!For children ages 8-11
Theatre games and original scenes, sparked by songs, poems, stories,
your imaginations and teamwork.At the end of the session, we’ll showcase some of the fun we had during the season
in the Sawmill Playhouse!
Mondays 6:00 – 7:10 p.m.September 10th – December 10th, 2018 (12 weeks – no classes Oct. 8th or Nov. 12th)
$60/child (+ $5/ticket for showcase)
(Minimum registration 6; Maximum registration 15)
Class #2 MITE Spotlight!
for youth ages 12-15
Singing, dancing, acting and having fun as a team while building understanding through theatre – true MITE is what will be in this spotlight!We’ll join our friends from Ignite! for an end of season showcase of Broadway, movies and more in the Sawmill Playhouse!
Mondays 7:15 – 9:00 p.m.
September 10th – December 10th, 2018 (12 weeks – no classes Oct. 8th or Nov. 12th)
$95/youth (+$5/ticket for showcase)
(Minimum registration 6; Maximum registration 20)
Class #3 MITE Stage Fright!
for adults aged 40+Build your confidence, memory, and skill set through the wonder of structured theatre games, movement, and short scene creation! Joy and laughter await! (FYI: though we may throw in a little improv every now and then, this is not an improv class!)
Tuesdays 6:00 – 7:15 p.m.
September 18th – November 20th (10 weeks/12.5 hours)
(Minimum registration 5; Maximum registration 20)
Class #4 J-Tel Presents…
Canadian Folk Songs Super Hits Sound Explosion!
For adults aged 19+Iyse the bye.jpg
Do you love…folk music?
Do you love…your country?
Do you love…your country’s folk music?
Do you love…your child, the child of a relative, friend, neighbour,
co-worker, bus pal, or acquaintance?Then have we got a show for you!LEARN some wonderful folk songs and dances!
BE a Canadian music icon!
EXPERIENCE the joy of being in a show without having to audition!
JOIN J-Tel Presents!(Results vary. May cause insomnia from singing in your sleep.)** The Fall session of this group will involve learning some songs and dances and exploring character work. Roles will be cast in our Winter/Spring session, after the instructor has grown to know the participants.**Tuesdays, 7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
September 18th – November 20th (10 weeks/20 hours)$80/participant
(Minimum registration 12; Maximum registration 25)


MITE Spotlight and J-Tel Presents… are performance based groups which incorporate acting, singing, and dancing.

To be a part of these groups, participants must come regularly, respect the team by coming to classes prepared with lines and lyrics, and be attentive during meetings.

If your schedule is such that your child or you will miss many classes, please consider our MITE Ignite or Stage Fright groups instead.

Auditions are NOT a part of MITE’s recreational programs; parts are assigned through a combination of observation of participants through the sessions and participants’ input about their comfort levels with the various components of performance.

For information about auditioning for MITE’s touring show, project ARC, please click here.

Looking forward to a MITE-Y year!