The Sawmill Playhouse
Sawmill River in Dartmouth

Dartmouth Players usually produces four plays a year. For more efficient use of the theatre, this year we have invited anyone who is interested to rent our venue. To avoid confusion between the shows presented by Dartmouth Players and the shows presented by other companies, we have changed the name of the theatre building from Dartmouth Players Theatre to Sawmill Playhouse.

Sawmill Playhouse will also be hosting shows and performances from other local companies. Renting our theatre space provides for more varied, richer, and frequent entertainments for you, our patrons, ensures the continued prosperity of Dartmouth Players, and helps other theatre and musical troupes in the community. We look forward to welcoming you at Sawmill Playhouse, the home of Dartmouth Players. For more information on all the happenings at The Sawmill Playhouse, please browse through this website.