Jake's Woman
By Neil Simon
Directed by Ian MacDermaid
June 8th - 24th, 2017

Have you ever wondered what the person you meet walking down the street is thinking? Have you ever had a whole conversation with someone who was not even there? Jake has.

Neil Simon takes us inside the mind of Jake, a writer with writer's block and a failing marriage. To weigh his options, he has conversations with his therapist, his sister, his deceased wife, his daughter at age 12 and age 21, his present wife, most times without any of them being in the room. It's all going well until his imagined characters start to have a mind of their own. Neil Simon takes us on a journey through Jake's complicated life with his usual insight and humour.

As always, Dartmouth Players is assembling a fantastic team to bring you this funny and thought provoking play about relationships and imagination.


2016-2017 season!
Throughout next season, Dartmouth Players will continue to bring you “the magic of live theatre”.  2016/2017 will offer fresh experiences to our volunteer theatre-makers and audiences alike. We are looking forward to exploring new territory and delivering great entertainment: comedy, music, and drama to our community.


The Rocky Horror Show
Book, music and lyrics by Richard O’Brien

Directed by Jolene Pattison
October 20th - November 5, 2016

Winner - 1973 Evening Standard Award for Best Musical

Join Frank N. Furter and the Transylvanians in welcoming newly engaged Brad and Janet to their remote castle. The young couple will experience shock, horror, and awesome songs along the way. Will they get out alive? Will they stay engaged? Will they have too much fun? First produced in 1973, The Rocky Horror Show was the inspiration for the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975. It is both a tribute to, and parody of, B movies – the science fiction and horror movies that were staples to baby boomers everywhere. The play has cross-dressing aliens, a transvestite mad scientist, ray guns, and a Frankenstein monster – Rocky himself!

Don’t Tell Mother
By Monk Ferris 
Directed by Daniel Yule
 January 19 - February 4, 2017

Cinnamon Schmidt’s life is turned upside down when she is the only witness to a bank robbery on the same day as her fiance is meeting her mother for the first time. When a federal agent, her fiance's mother and the bank robber all show up, nobody can keep their story straight in this hilarious farce full of adventure, romance, mistaken identity, and an out of control vacuum cleaner.

Elephant’s Graveyard
By George Brant
Directed by Tamara Smith
March 30 - April 15, 2017

Winner - 2008 Keene Prize for Literature

Once upon a time in Tennessee.... There was a town... There was a circus... And there was an elephant. Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up. The circus is coming to town. This highly theatrical, award winning drama buzzes with truth about the consequences of misunderstanding. 

Jake’s Women
By Neil Simon
Directed by Ian MacDermid
June 8 - 24, 2017

Jake, a novelist who is more successful with fiction that with life, faces a marital crisis by daydreaming about the women in his life. The wildly comic and sometimes moving flashbacks played in his mind are interrupted by visitations from actual females.


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