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We’re back with our 2021-2022 Season!

Tartuffe by Moliere

Directed by Tamara Smith

Oct. 21st – Nov 6th 2021

Tartuffe may claim to be a man of virtue, but his devious nature is face-palmingly obvious. Obvious, that is, to everyone except the one person keeping him in charge. Scheming and silliness follow in this high energy (and frustratingly relevant) satire. 

Finding Ivy by Rachel Franco

Directed by Rachel Franco

Dec. 2nd – 18th 2021

It’s Christmas Eve. Ivy is lost, and her memory is gone. As she tries to find her way home, Ivy meets several colourful characters who help her remember some heartwarming revelations, painful truths, and help her to realize where she belongs. An ensemble comedy full of kindness, pratfalls, dancing, and holiday cheer! Fun for the whole family!

A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

Directed by Clair Henderson


April 21st – May 7th 2022 – Tickets TBA

A Doll’s House (1879), is a masterpiece of theatrical craft which, for the first time portrayed the tragic hypocrisy of Victorian middle class marriage on the stage. The play ushered in a new social era and “exploded like a bomb into contemporary life”. 

Dear Brutus by J.M. Barrie

Directed by Vanessa LePine


April 21st – May 7th 2022 – Tickets TBA

A bizarre and puckish host has invited a group of strangers to his country estate on a midsummer’s eve. When a mysterious forest suddenly appears outside the mansion, they are invited to enter and walk down the paths they could have chosen earlier in life.

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

Directed by Joanne Arbuthnott

June 9th – 25th 2022 – Tickets TBA

The tale of a young woman who disguises herself as a man and becomes entangled in the courtship of two local aristocrats upends conventions of romance and gender roles.