What’s Going On?

A Midsummer Nights Dream

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Tamara Smith
November 17th – December 3rd

Dartmouth players will be staging “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, opening November 17th and directed by Tamara Smith.

Excerpts will be provided on site and no preparation is required; however you may prepare a short piece from the play (a minute or less) if you wish. Singing ability is a plus, but not needed for all characters. This is going to be a playful, collaborative show so flexibility and teamwork skills are a must.  

Auditions will be held by appointment at Saint James United Church, 181 Portland St, Dartmouth on Saturday, July 29, 2 – 4pm as well as Sunday, July 30 and Monday, July 31 from 6-8pm. Please sign up to schedule an appointment.

The full text of the edition we will be using, as well as a detailed synopsis, is available at: https://www.folger.edu/explore/shakespeares-works/a-midsummer-nights-dream/read/

Parts available are:

HERMIAPretty and popular, in love with Lysander. She’s short and self conscious about it.
HELENATall and awkward. In love with Demetrius.
LYSANDERThe bad boy. In love with Hermia.
DEMETRIUSIn love with Hermia. The kind of guy her father wants her to marry.
THESEUSDuke of Athens
HIPPOLYTAQueen of the Amazons, betrothed to Theseus
PHILOSTRATEMaster of the Revels to Theseus
EGEUSFather to Hermia
OBERONKing of the Fairies
TITANIAQueen of the Fairies
PUCK or Robin GoodfellowA mischief making trickster in the service of Oberon
PEASE-BLOSSOM, COBWEB, MOTH, and MUSTARD-SEEDFairies in service of Titania
 Other fairies and attendants
The Rude MechanicalsA group of not terribly bright laborer’s putting on a not terribly good play
QUINCEa Carpenter
SNUGa Joiner
BOTTOMa Weaver
FLUTEa Bellows-mender
SNOUTa Tinker

Parts are likely to be doubled. Performers of all genders and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.

We’re Moving, Again.

A full year has passed at our temporary home at 327 Windmill. We have presented two full productions at two separate venues and have another two on the way. However, this year has not been kind to us. We have burned through our savings as a society and are in danger. However, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel! 

We have been in talks with St. James United Church about making them our home. They have a lovely stage and are allowing us the use of their Sanctuary for rehearsals as well as another room for storage. There is, however, only limited space for storage and so we are looking for more solutions such as either renting more storage space or purchasing a shipping container we can keep behind the church.

In 2020 we asked our patrons for help and were shocked with the outpouring of support from everyone. Because of the funds raised at that time we were able to stay open during the pandemic and continue to produce shows. We would not be here without you.

We now have to ask you for help again. We have yet another move in front of us that will incur costs. We must create storage solutions for our props, set and costumes. We are also installing more lighting and sound for the theatre space. All of which have costs which are eating away at our reserves.

So, at this time, we would humbly ask you to help us keep community theatre alive in Dartmouth and support us anyway you can. If you are able to aid us please show your support by hitting the donate button below. We need supporters to get us through this challenging time. We can’t do what we do without you!

Many thanks,

Dale Charron
President of Dartmouth Players Society


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