Tartuffe, the Imposter by Molière

Directed by Tamara Smith

Orgon is the man who has everything. Money, power, a beautiful family. But lately he’s been questioning the point of it all. When he invites Tartuffe into his perfect household, he unleashes a whirlwind of deception and seduction that threatens everything.

Dartmouth Players is an inclusive theatre. Performers of any ethnicity or gender are encouraged to audition. Auditions will be held over the weekend of November 6-8.  Due to Covid-19, they will be held by appointment over Zoom.

To schedule an appointment email and indicate which character(s) you would be interested in playing and your general availability over that weekend. Audition pieces will be provided by email. (Note: if you wish to audition but are unable to use Zoom, please let us know.)

The players:

A rag-tag group of nine or ten clowns from an indeterminate era. Possibly a time travelling commedia dell’arte troupe. Possibly steampunk vaudevillians. We aren’t sure. They aren’t sure. But they are enthusiastic, silly, and ready to cobble a production together from whatever bits and pieces they find lying around the second theatres reopen. Together they portray the following cartoonish characters:

Tartuffe. A blatant hypocrite, lecherous bastard, and transparent conman. He poses as a holy man but (almost) everyone can tell he’s full of crap.

Orgon. The master of the house. Confident. Authoritative. Mind-numbingly gullible. He has fallen under the influence of Tartuffe.

Mme Pernelle. Orgon’s Mother. Pretentious and prudish. She’s the kind of person who would report you to the homeowner’s association for painting your fence the wrong shade of beige. She has also fallen for Tartuffe’s BS.

Elmire. Orgon’s second wife. Reasonable, intelligent and articulate. Too bad Orgon won’t listen to her.

Cléante. Elmire’s brother. Just as reasonable as his sister. Orgon won’t listen to him either.

Mariane. Orgon’s daughter, Elmire’s stepdaughter. Deeply in love and good hearted, but not always the brightest bulb in the box.

Valère. Mariane’s fiancé. Also deeply in love. Also not that bright. The two were meant for each other, really.

Dorine. Mariane’s maid. She’s clever, sarcastic and surrounded by idiots. She’s a cunning manipulator who will help the two lovers get together in spite of themselves.

Damis. Orgon’s son. He isn’t fooled by Tartuffe, but his hot temper gets him into trouble.

Flipote. Mme. Pernelle’s much put upon maid.

A bailiff

A King’s Officer/Deus ex Machina.