Announcing the “Volunteer with Dartmouth Players…” Workshop Series

This series will demystify the volunteer experience when working on a show with Dartmouth Players. The series is starting with four workshops including tomorrow’s Art Department workshop (Space still available!)

The first begins tomorrow November 22nd with the Art Department run by Pam Wood and Andre Dumont;

Our first workshop will focus on planning Costumes, Set Design and Props. We’ll cover the basics of script analysis, chain of command, timelines, and what it’s like to volunteer with this department.

The next workshop will be Production Management on December 6th run by Holly Irving;

This will be an experience driven workshop on what is expected of you as a producer at Dartmouth Players. Producing and taking ownership of a production is a rewarding undertaking. This will not be a lecture but more an exchange of stories on what you can do to grease the wheels and make things go smoothly, when things go right, and surviving when things are taking a side step. 

Topics Covered will be the role of the producer, how to get everything together for a production in community theatre, working with your director, finding production crew and timelines and the all important checklists!

Next up will be Stage Management on December 13th run by Nikki Beaulieu-Belliveau;

A short introductory to stage management for Dartmouth Players, covering the in and outs of stage management for community theatre, cast and crew management, communication flow, script analysis, and running rehearsals and shows. Plus learn while your wardrobe will become JUST. BLACK.

And Lastly on December 20th will be Technical Management run by Richard Bonner;

Do you like pushing buttons and switching switches? How about changing light bulbs? In this workshop you’ll learn all about being a tech ninja, shining the lights on the actors and making sure the gunshot goes off at the right time. You’ll be shown the tech booth and how to troubleshoot basic issues. This will be an intro to the world of tech, future workshops will get into the nitty gritty but if you don’t know what a lightboard is and you want to, this is the class for you!

Every workshop will include a behind the scenes tour of the theatre and complimentary membership with the Dartmouth Players Society. 

Even better, pay for one workshop, get ALL FOUR!